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A poetic tribute to writer, poet and environmental activist, Ken Saro-Wiwa, who was executed alongside eight other activists for opposing the environmental damage done by oil companies like Shell in their oil-rich homeland, Ogoni.



The Malpass Brothers ignite audiences with their first love--vintage country music. “When we go to visit our heroes in Nashville,” says Christopher, “we have to go to the cemetery.”

Production Assistant/Additional Cinematography.

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For 6 months, I collected footage of people around my campus. From staged to upstaged footage, but all very raw and natural, showing how beautiful people I think people really are. We Are Beautiful is a concept that explains that no matter our race, nationality and way of life, we are all beautiful.


A feature-length documentary film about the music and life of jazz vocalist & recording artist Carol Sloane.

Productional Assistant/Additional Camera.

The sudden appearance of a cat tail comes to represent a trauma which can’t be ignored.

Director of Photography/Production Designer.

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Short documentary about the transformation of Mars from a red to green plant.


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"in the desert ft. lauren renahan" | directed by majiye uchibeke (@majshotit) | stream or download the full #LILAC ep here: | instagram: @brentbutlermusic twitter: @brentbbutler


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