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Majiye Uchibeke is a DGA award-winning, Los Angeles-based emerging, BAFTA nominated filmmaker hailing from Nigeria.

Uchibeke's pursuit of his artistic aspirations led him to the prestigious University of Southern California (USC) Film School, where he honed his skills and expanded his creative horizons. Immersed in an environment that fostered innovation and collaboration, Uchibeke thrived, pushing the boundaries of his craft and embracing diverse storytelling techniques.

Uchibeke's background as a Nigerian filmmaker brings a unique perspective to his work. He draws inspiration from the vibrant cultures, rich traditions, and pressing social issues of his homeland. With a deep understanding of the complexities and nuances of African and Western societies, Uchibeke aims to shed light on underrepresented narratives and challenge prevailing stereotypes through his films.

Driven by a desire to make a positive impact through his work, Uchibeke is committed to creating thought-provoking and emotionally resonant stories that engage audiences on a profound level. His films explore themes of identity, social justice, and cultural heritage, aiming to foster empathy, inspire dialogue, and effect change.

Majiye Uchibeke
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